QR Codes:

Add your own code on your coasters!

QR codes or “Quick Response” codes are being used more often in advertising, allowing a lot of information to be stored in a square code similar to a bar code.

We are all familiar with barcodes that we see at the supermarket/grocery store, which are used for item prices and helps the store monitor inventory levels.

QR codes are similar to barcodes but they can store much more information. Most of these codes are links to a website, contact phone numbers and/or other text. The standard barcode is only able to store up to 20 digits, whereas QR codes can hold up to 7,000 digits!

These codes are quite common in Asia (where these codes originated) and many companies have used these codes on their ads for some time now.  North Americans are seeing these codes more and more often, and before long these codes will most likely be quite commonplace.

How do these codes work?

You need 2 things: a QR code generator and a QR code reader.

Various QR generators and readers are easily found online, and you can download a reader to your smartphone. The reader would use your camera on your phone and all you have to do is take a picture or view the QR code with your phone. Now you can decode a QR code you see on a print ad, billboard, magazine, newspaper, or coaster!  

You can easily generate your own QR code and when your customer uses their QR reader, you can direct your customer to your website, send your email address or phone number or other text directly to their smartphone! Pretty awesome if you ask me :)

If you need help generating your QR code, let your sales representative know and we’ll do our best to help you.

Adding a QR code to your coaster would be a great way to increase traffic to your website for example, and highlight some of your top items for sale! More and more people are getting used to seeing these codes, so add a QR code to your coaster and get more customers to your website!

You could direct them to a special webpage, highlighting your special event, your top selling items, your new craft beer flavour, your grand opening, your special dinner menu, and so forth.  

I highly suggest you visit our gallery where you find a few coasters with QR codes on them. We’re getting a lot of questions about these QR codes and I hope this quick article helps answer a few questions for you.

I went ahead and created a QR code below, which is a link to our Facebook page!


We’re working on additional articles with helpful information on coasters and other little tidbits we can share along the way.  :)

Cheers from your friends at Canada Coaster!
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